Bespoke Baltic Amber Glasses

Go through the production process of Baltic amber glasses in our workshop and get first frames on your own.

Admirable Bespoke

Bespoke Baltic amber eyeglass frames are probably the only ones in the world at the moment and so we are the only ones that managed to produce these admirable frames.

Additionally we have established a completely in-house service.

If you would like to buy frames that perfectly fit being simultaneously something unique and of the highest quality Admirable Bespoke is the service for you.

By keeping the entire process in our workshop we ensure that the maximum amount of information regarding the client’s needs is retained throughout.

The Process

  • Finding The Right Shape

    Every frame starts with a private consultation in our shop. We discuss the production process in detail with our client. At this time, we select an appropriate amber color chart, precious metals and precious stones that will decorate your amber glasses.

  • Measurements

    This is what bespoke Baltic amber glasses is all about. We use the most modern measuring tools as well as computer and 3D technologies to download the most important proportions and information for us to create perfectly matching amber glasses. At this stage, traveling to you is on our side 🙂

  • Design

    Glasses are an inconspicuously complex object. The height of the eyebrows, the distance of the temples, the depth of the cheeks, the width of the nose are some of the information that we need to obtain. Then the sketches are transformed into 3D designs which are then transformed into laser cut wooden stencils. Then we can try on the wooden model and see if it is what we want and if the uniqueness of the model suits your unique face 🙂

  • Second Consultation

    At the end of designing and trying on wooden frames, the last details about amber glasses are discussed. At this stage, it is also possible to choose hinges, screws or other small elements. Determine the depth of the nose pieces in the frames and the roundness of the frame.

  • Crafting

    Baltic amber glasses are mainly made by hand. Each frame requires extraordinary skills, patience and concentration to keep all the appropriate shapes, symmetries, dimensions and bring the model to perfection during the processing and polishing process.

  • Fitting

    Your amber glasses glazed with the highest quality lenses. The only thing left for us to do is fine-tune the details and try on the ready-made glasses.

desondes logo

The most luxurious eyewear

As you probably noticed, our logo is a blue shark . To make our product more luxurious, we gave our shark to the touch of Midas for you :).
The name Desondes comes from French language where "la onde" means simply a wave. So the plural of "wave" in French is "des ondes" in the infinitive.: )

Waves, on the other hand, are the main factor thanks to which amber is obtained in the Baltic Sea, and thus, we were able to create the world's first amber glasses!