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Baltic Amber Glasses

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The first genuine Baltic amber glasses in the world.

Welcome to the website of our brand dedicated to the production of Baltic amber glasses made entirely with the 100% certified amber and with addition of the most valuable ores - Desondes.

We present to you the only glasses in the world made entirely of Baltic amber and the most valuable metals and stones, which, depending on your creativity, can be used in the production of a model designed with your help and vision.

You choose the pattern, we design and create Bespoke Baltic Amber Glasses

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Create your own Baltic amber look

As many possibilities as ideas. As many new patterns, as different Baltic ambers.

Our brand was established with the idea that we will design individual, completely custom-made Baltic amber eyeglass frames. This means that each frame will have an individually thought-out design together with our client, and it will be perfectly designed for the shape and characteristics of the head of the potential owner! 

Learn more and contact us to disscuss your vision.

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Discuss and choose your design with us

The appearance of the glasses depends only on you. Tell us your vision and we will create your unique idea.

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Materials and gemstones

You choose what kind of ores and precious stones will decorate your amber glasses. So far, we have used gold to finish the amber glasses. For example, you can add small diamonds in little shark's eyes ­čÖé

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Get your head proportions

At the end of the selection and design phase, we come to you to get the exact dimensions of your head. The distance between the ears, the height and thickness of the nose etc. are some of the important information that will allow us to create amber frames that are perfectly suited for you.

Your style is your brand. Fill it with amber glasses.

Baltic amber glasses are not only a product that will decorate your appearance. It's a work of art that takes up to three months to produce. Carefully selected patterns made of the best selected amber measured with a spectometer, long time of amber polishing and the location of the best lenses in the world are just some of the elements of the process that requires incredible patience and diligence.

Baltic Amber Glasses - Okulary z bursztynu bałtyckiego - Desondes
We will adjust the lenses to your needs.
It depends on you what lenses we use. Whether they will be sun or prescription lenses, whether they will be Nikon or Hoya, depends entirely on your preferences.
Baltic Amber Glasses - Okulary z bursztynu bałtyckiego - Desondes
Blue Shark Leather Case.
As cases for amber glasses, we use cases made of blue shark skin. Cases are produced in our friendly company from Italy - Peroni Firenze, which is a legendary craftsman of luxury leather products.
Baltic Amber Glasses - Okulary z bursztynu bałtyckiego - Desondes
Health properties of Baltic amber glasses.
"Amber opens the throat centre, treating goiters and other throat problems. It also treats stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver and gallbladder. Amber strengthens the mucus membranes and alleviates joint problems."
Yes, we know there are probably no sharks in the Baltic Sea ... It's just like there are probably no Baltic amber glasses in the world ... oops, now they are ­čÖé

Brands we cooperate with in creating these unique Baltic amber glasses.