„You do not have to travel to feel close to the Baltic Sea".

get in touch with a prehistoric past with a wearable uniqueness of Baltic amber glasses.

Health uniquenees of Baltic amber glasses.

Baltic amber for amber glasses production

Amber emits negative ions


Negative ions emitted by amber increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and blood, as a result of which energy increases, the ability to concentrate and well-being improve.

Baltic amber for amber glasses production inclusion

It contains valuable micronutrients


The stone is composed mainly of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. It also contains sulfur and valuable microelements such as: magnesium, iron, silicon, potassium, calcium, resin acids and organic compounds combined with iodine. 

Baltic amber for amber glasses production at the baltic sea

The most important features

  • Has an antibacterial effect,
    Strengthens the body
  • Heals infections of the upper respiratory tract
  • Supports the treatment of asthma
  • It shows analgesic properties (including headaches, backaches),
  • It prevents migraines,
  • Supports the treatment of the thyroid gland
Baltic amber for amber glasses production at the baltic sea inclusions

Amber protects against the evil gaze


Legends say that Baltic amber protects against evil eyesight / charm.

You don’t have to worry about it, especially when it is worn at eye level 😉


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14K Gold elements

Each finishing element of the amber Baltic glasses is made of 14 carat gold or elements gilded with 24 carat gold. These elements include screws, hinges, temples, finishing plates with the brand’s engraving.

It depends on you what material we will use. Starting with the most precious metals, ending with precious stones – we are here to collect your ideas and build your most unique amber glasses in the world.

The most difficult process

The biggest problem with creating uniqueness of Baltic amber glasses is the lens placement process.

The creation of the world's first Baltic amber glasses is a very complex process that is not very similar to the production of traditional spectacle frames.

The most difficult stage was cutting the base for the lenses and placing the lenses themselves, because amber is one of the nonelastic materials.

Fortunately, we found an idea for it, thanks to precise hands and a bit of imagination, we were able to place the lenses, and we patented the entire operation.

Uniquenees of Baltic amber glasses

Uniquenees of Best Lenses Placement

It is also up to you what lenses we will use in the production of amber glasses.

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