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The story of creating baltic amber glasses.


For many years we have been very interested in the fashion and luxury products market. We were concerned with finding a niche in the market that is known to be filled with loads of products, although it is not said that there is no room for innovation in it.

After deep reflection in the mind of the originator – Michał Cichocki, the vision of epoxy resin glasses appeared.

When consulting this idea with a friend who had been working in the amber industry for many years, a light appeared in my head – Baltic amber glasses? It was puzzling whether such a product is already in the world and whether it is possible to make it.

From idea to implementation – the words of the author.

I worked as a marketing specialist in a large company that dealt in the sale of large-format plotters and the production of media for printing.

Another marketer was sitting next to me, with whom I shared an idea that was not yet reaching him at the time.

Another Michał, because that was his name, suggested that we can do it in his workshop, because he has enough space, laser plotters, with which we can try to cut something in Baltic amber, and appropriate tools.

It was a sign that it was necessary to start looking for Baltic amber.

I made a call across Pomerania, from a jeweler to a jeweler, from an ambermaker to an ambermaker, and finally I was redirected to a legendary person who had been dealing with amber for 50 years – Mr. Henryk from Gdansk, which is the capital of Polish Baltic Amber – the city is situated on the Baltic Sea and the Vistula River and its beauty can be seen in the picture.

I told him that he needed amber, a lot of Baltic amber, but I can’t tell him about my idea. After 15 minutes of conversation, completely not knowing who I was, he decided to send me amber so that I could try to fulfill my vision. As it turned out, it was a gift for a stranger worth several thousand zlotys.

In cooperation with a colleague from the desk, the legends of amber in Poland, several local opticians and companies that helped us, we managed to create the world’s first Baltic amber glasses, using precious metals and lenses.

You can feel the effects of our hard, complex work, which required a lot of patience and precision, on your own skin … I am sorry, head 🙂

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